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We specialize in production design for all levels and sizes of shows - from small theaters to massive arenas and festivals. Our process focuses heavily on developing a strong, cohesive concept through renderings and moodboards, then developing this into a final design through an iterative 3D process. We can also create screens content and facilitate an all-in-one creative solution from conception to showtime. 


Selected experience: 

Lighting Design: Amazon Sales Kick-Off 2017-18

Production & Content Design: Logic Everybody's Tour 2017

Lighting Design: Spotify Grammy's Afterparty 2017

Production Design: Tiësto @ Brooklyn Hangar 2017

Production Design: The Chainsmokers Dreaming 2016

Production Design: Dillon Francis @ Shrine 2015


programming | media | visualization

Many of our clients look to us for precise programming, timecode, and visualization. Where there is a console, lights, and media servers, we can step in to bring the creative vision to life. Proficiencies include grandMA2, Hippotizer, d3, Ai, Resolume. If you're looking for pre-visualization, we have a workflow that can intake CAD files from various formats and integrate them with standard pre-viz and VR viz.  


Selected experience: 

Media Programming / Pre-Viz: Wrestlemania 2015, 2017-18

Lighting Programming: Wrestlemania 2016

Lighting Programming: Life Is Beautiful 2015-16

Lighting Programming: Coachella Sahara Tent 2015

Lighting Programming: Electric Daisy Carnival 2013-17


When standard tools won't do the job, we're ready to make something custom to make the impossible feasible. We have a large toolset at our disposal, from custom code that realizes interactivity to custom fabrication. Get in touch with us to discuss your custom project. 

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